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IPHONE Battery Replacement: Most known Problem in IPHONE

iPhone Battery Replacement is very well discussed topic. Most of the people even don’t know that iPhone batttery can be changed. iPhones are notorious for their batteries running out, even with the newer models like the iPhone 8. The amount of processes that we have going on inside our phones means the batteries can drain really quickly or even break.



Even Apple admitted old batteries are slowing down the phone to preserve battery and avoid phone to crash and sudden shut down. As a result, Apple has to provide cheap price to replace iPhone batteries. These are the few things which indicate that your iPhone Battery is going to die and needs replacement,

  1. Battery life is not as good as it used to be, and you have recharge your phone few times during the day.
  2. Battery percentage jumping up and down
  3. Not holding the charge.
  4. The screen of your iPhone popping out from the left side.

If you are facing any of these issue, techs at Cityphones are able to help you in Replacing the iPhone Battery and restore your battery life back to normal. Contact us today on 0426504955.

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